Top 10 Cricket Bats

Ever wondered what the best cricket bat in the world is? Here's a list of our top bats for the 2017 season. 

1. Gunn & Moore Chrome Player Edition


After 125 years of experience creating excellent cricket bats for professionals, there’s nothing that proves this more than the Gunn & Moore Chrome Player Edition. The bat uses the classic players shape, which is nice and full, with no concave in the back. What sets this bat apart is it’s perfect balance and it’s superb light pickup. The sweet spot is placed for professional play and exactly what you’d expect from a player’s bat. The Player Edition bat is made from limited edition willow and comes with GM NOW & ToeTek™ guards fitted as standard. The price has dropped from $1300 to $1195 since last year. This bat has been a favourite at Kingsgrove for many years & continues to be a top quality bat for a top quality player! Gunn & Moore Chrome is currently used by international star player Travis Head.

 GM Chrome Players Edition Travis Head DXM Cricket Bat

2. Gray-Nicolls Legend


Gray-Nicolls has a bat making history of over 160 years and the Legend is the pinnacle of hand crafted bat perfection, made for players serious about their cricket. The bat - which features the classic players shape - is Hand Made with Gray-Nicolls finest Grade 1 English willow by Stuart Kranzbuhler in their Melbourne factory. The Legend uses POWERCURVE technology for better stroke play, has a mid profile & even bow with a long sweet spot, large edges, and perfect balance, this stick was made for play. Only 150 of these bats were made so you’d better get one quick! The Legend Continues...

 Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat

3. SS-TON Professional


We at Kingsgrove Sports have a long history with SS-TON, one of the biggest Cricket manufacturers in India, & we always look forward to seeing what they produce & they have definitely not let us down this year. The Professional is made from the finest grade 1 Willow with a mid to low sweet spot so it’s perfect for the player who loves to dominate off the front foot. A big full profile with big edges but still has a great pickup. It feels just as a top quality bat should.

 SS Professional Bat 2017/18

4. RS Limited Edition


The Robinson range are newcomers here at Kingsgrove Sports and have surprised us with their bats, with the RS limited edition being the top bat in their range. The bat has a proper players shape with a big swell where you need it. Hand crafted from top grade willow, it exhibits a good balance and picks up well. The RS Limited Edition is excellent value from a truly top quality bat & is definitely well worth considering.

 Robinson CE 15 RS Limited Edition Cricket Bat

5. Kingsport Deadly


We are very proud to be able to offer Cricket Players our very own range and the Deadly certainly lives up to its name. The Deadly has been designed with that great players’ shape, the sweet spot is just where you want it, not too low & not too high allowing for all around strokeplay. The bats are nice & big with good size edges but are not too heavy and they have great pickup and feel. We think they are excellent bats & we hope you do to. The Kingsport Deadly is the bat of choice for Ash Gardner of the Australian Women’s Cricket Team and Sydney Sixers. 

 Kingsport The Zone Deadly Bat

6. Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Khawaja


This bat is massive! The Kahuna Pro Khawaja’s fat spine and extra thick edges make it a great bat for attacking players. The shape is based on that of Usman Khawaja. Made with Premium Grade 1 oversized unbleached English Willow, the bat boasts a powerful profile with a sweet spot that covers the width of the bat. Due to the massive profile these bats aren’t light – 2lbs 13oz - but for their size they do pick up light.  For $1350, this bat is the best bet for serious players who want that extra power behind their shots.

 Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Khawaja Cricket Bat 2017/18

7. Gray-Nicolls Predator3 800


The return of the Predator… the third generation of the Predator bat has been redesigned to increase driving power and is perfect for stroke play. The bat has a smaller profile and thin edges but maintains a great shape and light pickup. It has a mid-to-low sweet spot and an even bow.

Gray Nicolls Predator 3 800 Cricket Bat 2017/18  

8. New Balance BURN


A great new edition to the New Balance range. A shorter blade and longer handle allows you to have more leverage, increased hand speed, and power. This is the preferred configuration of English Captain Joe Root. The BURN is light but still has a good size and shape for its weight, with a big spine that increases hitting power through the centre of the bat. The bat may be too light for big power players but it’s a great bat for quick strikers.

 New Balance BURN Cricket Bat 17/18

9. Gray-Nicolls Velocity 900


This is one of the best performance bats in the NEW Gray-Nicolls range and is one of our favourites. The 900 has a high-mid profile and feather light pickup. The bat’s face also features Gray-Nicolls’ POWERCURVE technology for stroke play. Kane Williamson, Chris Lynn, Peter Nevill and George Bailey all use the Velocity. It’s a great mid-range bat if you’re thinking about improving your overall game. You can’t go wrong with a Gray-Nicolls.

 Gray Nicolls Velocity 900 Cricket Bat

10. SS Master 999


This may be the most controversial bat on the list… At $135, this is a game changer. The Master has every trademark of a great cricket bat—shape, weight, balance and pickup and a big sweet spot and thick edges. Although it is made with Grade 4 English willow, it has amazing evenly-spaced grain. This may just be the best value for money bat we have ever had. But you will have to be quick as these bats won’t last long for $135!

SS Master 999 Bat 2017/18


(Note: This post is our subjective opinion of the best cricket bats for the 2017/18 season and was created as a guide only to help your buying decision)