Ever wondered what the best bat of the season is? We've put together a list of the top 10 picks and the reasons why you'll be rushing to the store to get your hands on them. 

10. CA Plus 12000 

 CA Plus 12000


The CA Plus 12000 just makes the cut this season. With it’s excellent punch, pick-up and power profile, this bat is made for the big hitters. The bat uses clean, well-grained English willow and is a great choice for players looking for an upgrade.

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9. New Balance Burn+

New Balance Burn+

The Burn+ is the best amongst the New Balance range this season. With it's distinct shape, profile, and very lightweight pick-up — not to mention it's aggressively cool camouflage look — the Burn+ is an excellent choice for players looking for power and value.

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8. SS Master 8000

SS Master 8000

A top 10 list wouldn’t be complete without a bat from the powerhouse of sub-continental bat makers. The entire SS range has been phenomenal this season, but if we had to pick just one — the Master 8000, with it’s combination of profile, power, pick-up and price, is a worthy choice.

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7. Kookaburra Surge Pro 1000

Kookaburra Surge Pro 1000

If you are looking for a classic all-round bat from Kookaburra, the Surge Pro 1000 should be your pick. It’s got a great shape, great pick-up and a fantastic middle at an even better price. It comes pre-prepared and ready to go. Definitely one of Kookaburra’s finest.

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6. Gray-Nicolls Giant

Gray Nicolls Giant

Another great alternative for players who prefer hitting boundaries rather than singles, the Gray-Nicolls Giant is power-packed. Massive profile, massive middle, awesome price.

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5. Kingsport Big Mondy

Kingsport Big Mondy

The power hitter in our trademark range, the Kingsport Big Mondy should be the first choice for players passionate about clearing boundaries. It's monster profile puts willow where you need it, yet is nicely balanced for easy pick-up. With brand new labels and a superior price, the Big Mondy is set to make a name for itself in the 2019 season.

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4. Kookaburra Ghost Pro Lite

Kookaburra Ghost Pro Lite

Exclusively sold at Kingsgrove Sports, this bat is quickly becoming an all-time fan favourite. Which is not surprising, given it's fantastic pick-up and full profile. At $345, this bat is unbelievably priced, and comes ready-to-play with Extratec sleeve and toe.

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3. GM Haze Lite DXM 808

GM Haze Lite 808

With a long history of great bats, Gunn & Moore add another to their lineup with the GM Haze Lite DXM 808. It features a fantastic profile with a mid-to-high sweet spot for all-round play. It strikes a fine balance between having a large profile and still being impeccably weighted. Certainly the best value in the GM range.

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2. Kingsport Immortal

Kingsport Immortal

The leader in our trademark range, the Immortal seems to get better and better every season. For players looking for a great all-round choice, the Immortal boasts a superb players profile with great pick-up and ping. For $675, you won’t be able to match performance like this.

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1. MRF Genius Grand Edition

MRF Genius Grand Edition

The best players play with the best bats, and this is certainly the case with the MRF Genius Grand Edition. Used by Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar, the Grand Edition continues to be one of the finest bats on the market. With a massive player profile and big sweet spot, this bat is perfect for explosive players looking for that extra power. MRF have certainly outdone themselves this season.

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