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Cricket Tips

This page is designed to provide cricketers of all ages and levels with important cricketing tips that might help improve your game. It is our aim to keep these cricket lessons simple and easy to understand despite the fact that cricket can be quite a technical game. It doesn't need to be so complicated.

We hope that you find them helpful and remember if you want to take it to the next level why not seek some coaching at our Cricket Academy in Kingsgrove.

Good Luck and most importantly enjoy this wonderful sport of ours,
Hamish Solomons
Tips Writer and Kingsgrove Cricket Academy Director of Coaching

Tutorial 3. Bending the Knee when playing the Drive - There are many benefits to bending the knee when driving. I often see players losing balance and one of the main reasons is that they were not transferring their weight forward by bending their front knee whilst driving. When we judge a full ball as drivable we all know that we need to step to the pitch of the ball but we also need to support this step by bending our knee into the shot. This helps us to lean forward, bring your head close into the line of the ball, transfer our weight forward and get over the ball. If you can play your drives with a " one step and balance" approach, it sounds like you are on your way to attaining better timing and control with your attacking drives. 

Tutorial 2. Fitness - Most of you would have all started your seasons by now and if you are anything like me the most evident factor after your first few games just might be lack of fitness and soreness ! If this is the case you've got some work to do in the next few weeks otherwise you may risk injury or worse, a poor start to the season. Main examples are batsman and bowlers being out of breath too early therefore losing their wickets despite being in good form and bowling down legside etc. Some older players may even be cramping up. What's required here are small sacrafices. You need to do some game related fitness sessions preferably early on in the week. Short sharp stuff. My suggestion is mark out the length of a pitch and combine some sprints with slow jogs ie sprint up the pitch, slow jog back and continue this until you are out of gas. Try and improve the number of laps by a few each session. You'll start to feel immediate improvement and this will reflect in your performances. Don't forget, plenty of stretching too. If you are pulling up sore after a game, stretch down, ice up sore areas, a nice relaxing bath always helps and if you feel like you are injured seek professional advise. I go to Don't forget, you are what you eat, so try to improve your diet where possible, especially on game day. Learn what foods will provide you with extra fuel.

Tutorial 1. Pre-Season Preparation -Pre-season training is essential as it prepares your body and mind for the first game. It is always best kept simple and basic so you can allow yourself to smoothly get back in the groove. Aside from your regular net sessions you should really focus on some drills that will help you tidy up the required techniques. I've seen the best cricketers in Australia start their pre-season with the simplest of drills. If it is good for them, it should be good for all of us. A bit of fitness these days is essential mainly because you can be assured your opposition have probably worked hard in order to get the upperhand on you. Lastly don't be affraid to seek the advice of qualified and well known coaches. This will give you an idea of what you should be working on for the whole of the season. Better training breeds better cricketers. Good luck and see you soon out on the paddock!

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