Cricket Bat Warranty

A Cricket bat warranty is a goodwill agreement offered by all bat manufacturers to repair or replace a bat that has suffered damage believed not to be the fault of the Customer. Kingsgrove Sports supports all genuine Warranties.Warranty decisions are entirely at the discretion of the manufacturer.

All bats sold by Kingsgrove Sports receive a 12 month Warranty provided by the manufacturer. Replacement bats will have a maximum of 6 months warranty (from the time of replacment) except where the original bat is less than six months old.

Bats will deteriorate even without use due to natural drying out in the willow.

A Bat will not be replaced due to handle break, edge or surface cracking but will be repaired under Warranty only in the first season of use.

The majority of warranty repairs are carried out by our Bat Repair Department at Kingsgrove Sports Centre Head Office.

Bats over 12 months old, from date of purchase, will be considered entirely at the manufacturers discretion.

There is no definite time that a Cricket Bat will last. Cricket bats are made from a natural material that is required to repeatedly hit a hard Cricket Ball. A bat will deteriorate with use and a small amount of cracking is normal & expected. This will not effect the performance of the bat. Kingsgrove Sports always recommends the use of a protective ExtraTec Sleeve ($11) & fibre edging to protect your Bat.  It is recomended that you do not use a new bat against a bowling machine. Consistant use of a bat against a bowling machine will serverly reduce the life of a bat. It is a good idea to purchase a cheaper bat to use against a bowling machine to save your better bat.  Care for and maintain your bat to extened it's life.

Please retain proof of purchase for all warranty claims.

Guide to Warranty conditions for cost free repair or replacement of bats

  • None caused by dampness and swelling of toe
  • None on edge and toe cracks caused by inaccurate play
  • None to due to heat damage
  • None due to over oiling
  • None due to insufficient preparation
  • None due to Yorker damage

Principal Causes of Damage

  • Inaccurate Play
  • Unprotected Bat
  • Cheap hard balls
  • Dampness in toe/blade
  • Severe edging
  • Yorkers Hitting toe
  • Bowling machine balls


For information regarding Warranty for overseas customers please follow the link below.