Have a question, need an answer quicker than we can email it to you? Perhaps, the answer is below. We have listed the answers to our most common questions. We endeavour to answer all emails as quickly as possible, however during busier periods some emails can take a little while to send a reply.

Q : How long will my order take to arrive after completing?
A : Depends on where the item is being sent
By standard mail within Australia your order can take 2 - 3 days perhaps slightly longer for Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and far flung country outstations.

For Overseas destinations please see the table -
Destination                 Time
New Zealand             3 - 7 days
Asia                         3 - 10 days
Sub Continent           7 - 14 days
USA / Canada           5 - 10 days
UK / Europe              5 - 14 days

Q : Which service do you use to send ?
A : For Australia we send via the E-Parcel service through Australia Post which can be tracked and must be signed for upon delivery for extra security. Most standard parcels will cost $14.50. If you wish you can email to advise us that you prefer to have the parcel sent Express Delivery which for most cities is an overnight service but will cost more. We will provide you with a quote on receiving the request.

For Overseas we send via Australia Post EMS International Courier with tracking facility. This is the safest and fastest option. However, for those looking to save costs we can send via First Class Airmail (no tracking) but we can not be held liable for lost parcels if using this method
You can view the Australia Post site at :

Q : When is the new Aussie season range available ?
A : Some items are available mid July, generally the full range is available around August except for some special items such as replica clothing, etc.

Q : When is the new range available online ?
A :We start adding new items available for ordering at the beginning of August and hope to have most of the items uploaded by Mid August. By the end of August our full range should be available plus we are always adding new items and specials all year round. Our soccer range is generally ready by March.

Q : When is the new Cricket Catalogue available ?
A :We hope to have the new catalogue released Mid August if all goes well at the printers!!! If you are already on our database or have bought from us in the past you should receive one automatically in the post soon after its release.

Q : Can you please send me a catalogue of your Cricket or Winter ranges and if so how much ?
A :Yes, we send out our catalogues for free although these ranges are available at our online store for viewing, often with better pictures and more information. To find out more about obtaining our catalogues or receiving our E-Newsletters please visit our REQUEST A CATALOGUE PAGE

Q : If I buy an item online but upon receiving it don’t like the item or a sizing is not right can I send it back?
A :Yes, we understand that this can happen when purchasing Sports equipment and will gladly exchange items. If the mistake is ours we will handle the costs involved with postage as we have a free post return address.

Q : On your site there is an export price, what is this ?
A :This is the price that we will charge customers purchasing outside of Australia. This is the price of the item excluding Goods & Services Tax (GST) which our overseas customers do not have to pay.

Q : Is it safe and secure to pay by credit card through your online service ?
A :Yes, there is no 3rd party involved other than our partner Australian Bank (Westpac) meaning your details come straight to us. Our site is a secure E-Commerce site with a 100 % track record over many, many years. For more Information please visit our TERMS page

Q : Where and how can I get to your stores and what are your hours of operation ?
A :We have six stores through Sydney and New South Wales. Only our head office in Kingsgrove comes complete with Cricket Museum and Academy but all other stores are packed with Cricket and Sports equipment. For more details on all our stores plus more please visit our OUTLETS AND TRADING HOURS PAGE

Q : Do you provide Cricket Coaching ?
A :Yes we provide a great number of different coaching services. For more information please visit the KINGSGROVE CRICKET ACADEMY WEBSITE

Q : Do you tailor custom made uniforms for cricket / sports teams and clubs ?
A :Yes, this is a service that we now specialise in. For more information please visit our CLUB CLOTHING PAGE

Q : Do you have off season sales ?
A :Generally we do, but we also have items on special all year round. Why not visit our SPECIALS PAGE to see what’s on offer right now.

Q : I’m not confident about buying equipment over the net ?
A :Perhaps you should check out our TESTIMONIALS PAGE and see what our happy customers from all over the world have to say about our online / mail order service.

Q : I don’t have a credit card, how else can I make an order ?
A :That’s no problem, simply EMAIL US to order via Direct Deposit using online banking, Cheque, Money Order. We can even email you an order form to fax or email back.  

Q : I live overseas, how much is my currency worth to the Australian dollar ?
A :This depends on the daily exchange rate. To check please visit When ordering on our site from overseas you will be charged our price which is in Australian dollars which will then be converted by your bank/credit card and will show up on your statement in your own currency.

Q : Some bats I have seen on some websites and ebay seem cheaper, why is this so ?
A : We see many of these buyers end up at our shop often quite disgruntled at being conned by somewhat dodgy online sellers with no reputation in the cricket market. They are attracted by, at times, ridiculously low costing bats that appear too good to be true. This blinds the customer away from some of the important factors of buying a bat such as quality of willow, weight and pick up of the bat, no warranty policy if the bat breaks and no knocking in or after sales advice due to lack of experience on the part of the seller. These are all aspects that Kingsgrove Sports Centre can guarantee, backed with our 30 plus years as an industry leader. We are not just a faceless online seller, we are a bricks and mortar family run business with 6 stores throughout, Sydney (The modern cricket capital of the World).

N.B. There are literally hundreds of manufacturers flooding the market with cheap bats. How do you know that you are not buying one of these cheap Willow bats with top of the range stickers from a well known brand such as GN or Puma. Bat bootlegging has become a popular scam for some sellers so please be very careful that you don’t end up being duped.

Q : What is the warranty policy for bats when buying from Kingsgrove Sports Centre ?
A : All reputable bat manufacturers provide us and our customers with a one season warranty. This usually entails that if the bat is repairable it will be repaired under warranty. If it is not repairable then the bat can usually be replaced. Most times an inspection will be required by our staff and / or by the manufacturer. The above often applies to most cricket and sporting items. For more details on warranties please view our WARRANTY PAGE

Q : When buying a bat from Kingsgrove Sports is the bat knocked in ?
A : Yes, we have a very thorough preparation process for all bats that require knocking in and what’s more this process is free when purchasing from us. Some people buy what appears to be a cheaper bat elsewhere but then end up paying more to have the bat knocked in. Some bats come “Factory Prepared” straight from the manufacturer but we always suggest further knocking in to improve the lifespan of your new bat. For further details on Cricket Bats, Buying Online, Warranties and Knocking In, please see our ABOUT BATS PAGE

Q : Can I trade in my old bat ?
A : Unfortunately we are unable to value a bat until we actually see it. We always advise our customers to try and sell it themselves rather than trade in as you can usually get more money than we can offer your bat. If this is not possible then we would be happy to check out the bat and give you a value. Overall we prefer not to trade in bats.

Q : Can I get a Job or do Work Experience at Kingsgrove Sports Centre ?
A : If your credentials are good there is plenty of scope for employment with us. In fact Steve and Mark Waugh as well as Michael Clarke and many other First Class Cricketers have worked for us in the past. But you don’t have to be a gun cricketer to work here. We sometimes prefer highly motivated non playing cricket fanatics with a great work ethics as staff members. There are opportunities for casual employment especially for Uni students types. We generally hire before our peak period before the cricket season in July but why not send us your resume anyway. You just never know. In regards to work experience students, we can take one a week.