Customer of the Month - Rumman Hassan

As you will see when you read this interview, Rumman Hassan is a serious cricket tragic. It was his love of Mark Waugh when living overseas that steered his attention to Kingsgrove Sports Centre. Since then he has been a loyal and passionate customer. If you are a member of our Facebook page you have probably read his comments before. He lives and breaths cricket and has an interesting story to tell - Rumman was born in Bangladesh, lived and played in the US and now resides and plays in Armidale in Northern NSW. Enjoy . . .

1.Name – Rumman Hassan

2.Date of Birth – August 12

3.Place of Birth – Dhaka, Bangladesh

4.Current Location– Armidale, NSW

5.Who do / did you playcricket for - First Grade team of Armidale City Cricket Club

6.In what capacity– Opening batsman/leftarm orthodox bowler

7.Best Cricket feats– Scoring 123 not out in a one-dayer against a Sri Lankan side that boasted a couple of former international players.

 8. Greatest Cricket moment / memory – Watching Mark Waugh bat for the first time live at the ground in Dhaka in 1998. He scored 74. I was in awe. This was the first time I watched him bat in person. I had to drop a course at uni to be at the ground. The instructor wouldn’t reschedule an exam that was to be held on the day of the game. I dropped the course to go to the ground to watch Mark Waugh bat. Sachin Tendulkar scored a ton, but it didn’t matter. I was there to watch Mark Waugh bat!

9.Tell us little about your cricket history – Was introduced to the sport by my father when I was in Year 3. Played a fair bit of Club Cricket in Bangladesh, USA, and now in Australia. I am addicted to the sport. If I’m not playing, I’m either watching it, reading about it, or having a Cricket related conversation with someone.

10.Tell us a little about the cricket competitions you play in – Playing in the Grade Comp here in Armidale. I have played in the Shires Comp in Sydney as well.

11.Favorite International Teams – Bangladesh and South Africa

12.Favorite Cricketers and why –

a.Viv Richards (could tear any bowling apart, and the aura…beyond comparison)

b.Mark Waugh (the supreme stylish…I would always pay big bucks to watch him bat)

c.Steve Waugh (fierce competitor)

d.Wasim Akram (he could make the ball talk)

e.Imran Khan (a true leader of men)

f.  Douglas Jardine (shrewd tactician)

13.Favorite Commentator –  Ian Chappel (for his understanding of the game)

14.Favorite Cricketing Publication - Wisden

15.Favorite Cricketing Website –

16.Favorite Cricketing Brand – Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicolls

17.Tell us about the best bat you have ever had –  GM Maxi Original. Bought it from KSC in 2004. What a bat! A touch heavy, but it had the best ping ever. Beautiful narrow grains. And I scored heaps of runs with it.

18.What is your most treasured cricketing item – A picture of the infamous Steve Waugh and Curtley Ambrose altercation in 1995, signed by Steve Waugh.

19.What ideas would you propose to improve the game of cricket – 

a.Match-fixers should be banned for life

b.Have meaningful Test series comprising of five Tests instead of a two-Test series to accommodate meaningless T20 games

20.Rate the following three -

Test- The ultimate sport.

One Dayers – Good

Twenty20– Best avoided!

21.What are your thoughts on the sledging issue – As long as it is not personally abusive and racial in nature, I have no problems with it. We are all men, playing a man’s sport!

22.Who do you rate as being the best in the last 20 years -

Batsman– Brian Lara

Bowler– Wasim Akram

WK– Adam Gilchrist

Allrounder– Jacques Kallis

Captain– Steve Waugh

23.Who do you rate as being the greatest cricketer of all time – Jacques Kallis (he can bat, bowl, and field!!!). Once he retires and people look at his numbers, they will realize how good he was.

24.Have you ever had professional cricket coaching -Yes

25.What is the best tip you have had or given –

 I gave a piece of advice to a fellow team mate once. I told him “A half volleybowled at 2 am in your sleep is still a half volley. It deserves to be driven to the fence”. 

26.Is there are song you love that you relate to cricket - Eye of the Tiger

27.Best Cricket Video you have seen – Fire in Babylon

28.Best Cricket Book you have read – Out of My Comfort Zone – Steve Waugh

29.Best Cricket "After Dinner" speaker you have seen – none

30.Best / Nicest cricketer you have met- Chris Harris

31.What other interests do you have outside of cricket – I follow football (soccer) and tennis quite seriously. I also enjoy cycling.

32.How did you come across KingsgroveSports Centre - First time I came across KSC was when I read about it in Mark Waugh’s biography. Made it a point to visit the place as soon as I came to Aus. 

33.What do you think of the products and service offered at Kingsgrove?

I reckon they have the best array of Cricket gear on this planet. I might buy the odd pair of whites or socks from somewhere else due to issues related to convenience, but I will never buy a bat from another shop. KSC has the best bats available. And the service is tops. Not a lot of shops know customers by their names.

34.Your Final say -

Thirty four questions about Cricket is not enough…I could go on and on. Cricket is life!!!