IN-HOUSE BAT REPAIRS now at Kingsgrove Sports

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A Bat Repair Division has been added to the Kingsgrove Sports "Head Office" in Kingsgrove

Kingsgrove Sports has enhanced its famous cricketing brand by opening a Bat Repair Workshop. Located at the Head Office at 179 Kingsgrove Rd, Kingsgrove, NSW, Australia, the workshop handles various styles of bat repairs. In the past the store has managed small repairs but have had to send away for major repairs due to the nature of the machinery required to fulfil these kinds of jobs. However, the business has now made an investment in the machinery required to ensure a better and faster service for our customers. Plus we have on board, Simon, our master craftsman, originally from Impala fame.

This new division in it's own words "will aim to bring you a professional and efficient service with the knowledge and know how that we have built over the last 39 years".

                                                        Simon - Our expert Bat "Doctor"